Treatment Team Hospitality is more than a S.T.R. We are a subsidiary of Treatment Team Enterprises based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are a proud hospitality company that specializes in STR’s and more. We have an interest in entertainment, property, and promotion. We hope you will visit us soon and compare the quality and price of some of our major competitors. Our job is to be your 1st call or point of interest.

Treatment Team Hospitality was founded and launched in 2022, under the Treatment Team Enterprise umbrella. Treatment Team hospitality is expanding and becoming a name in the rental landscape. We started in the STR world and have extended into LTR, properties, land, event planning, and shared space. Treatment Team Hospitality is more than rentals!

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Treatment Team Hospitality loves to host companies, families, and individuals that want to enjoy their time away from the grind and day to day responsibilities. We are the company that works on the best in every avenue of good stays and quality services for you.

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What We Do

We purchase, own, or represent interests that will leave you impressed and satisfied. Our company has over 30 years’ experience in housing, rentals, STR/LTR, hotel and event planning.

We are one of the few short- and long-term rental companies that compete in the selected housing and accommodation world with competitive pricing. We like to think we are the lavish mindset that serves all that want a piece of Paradise or stay. With us it is about the experience.

Treatment Team Hospitality represents a small percentage of your vacancies that focus on the mind of greatness and character without commotion.

The Treatment Team has you covered and wants to be available when you have questions. The need to know whether your stays and accommodations will be of quality support and attention is important. We want and listed properties from 1 bedroom to sleeping over 20 people.

Goals and Habits

We dream and go beyond the competition. We imagine and ask ourselves what we can do to make you feel special and appreciated. Working with vendors, authentic catering, and décor teams from many backgrounds. We imagine and connect with our resources because we are striving for perfection. We work with vendors, catering, and production companies in house. We continue to observe and listen to our staff and our cliental. We have properties that can be used for weddings, corporate events, and special occasions.

Do you need a home or a room, let us know what city and what time. We know you love going to the games, family gatherings and special events. You will love who we are and what we represent.

If we can’t be your everything we know how to add to the plate and make calls. Do you need a corporate stay or a continual stay over a period of months or years? Do you need 1 room or 10 plus beds? We want to be the first phone call. We are in the field of accommodation, with quality staff, support teams and advisors. We will be a household name and a go-to for vacations and travel. We enjoy the fact we serve thousands and so much more.


The founder has years of experience in entertainment, hospitality, and the food industry. Teaming up with friends, business partners and specialist. Tt Hospitality wants to be your call and vision of perfection away from home.

Information on the Bnb side

Here’s something you might not know about the American short-term rental (STR) industry: professional property managers only represent 1% of all Airbnb and Vrbo hosts, but they manage 23% of available listings which generate 28% of total revenue.

With around six million listings, Airbnb guests now have more options than ever when it comes to booking unique stays — and finding a space that includes the best Airbnb amenities for their needs. Whether disconnecting for a digital detox, booking a family- or pet-friendly stay, or embarking on a remote working trip, different types of guests demand different Airbnb amenities.